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Mercedes 8×4 v 1.1

Mercedes 8x4

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Version 1.1:
– Bug fixes

Author: SpencR3D AKA Kais Modding


Volvo FH 2012 10×4 und 8×4 Ulferts v 4.1

Volvo FH 2012 10x4 und 8x4 Ulferts

Version 4.1:
– Collison is fixed
– Shadow is fixed
– Attacher moved backward, saddle plate also
– Backlights on two Agregat ( 4 and 5 )
– Highpipe on one Agregat
– 10×4 chassis
– 8×4 and 10×4 with liftaxis
– Scs open, pmg open
– Wheelcover higher
– Two options to add convoi shield
– Mod manager

Authors: SCS, Ohaha, Knox_xss, Roadhunter


Van de Wetering B.V.Volvo FH16 2009 8×4 Truck

Van de Wetering B.V.Volvo FH16 2009 8x4 Truck

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Truck: Volvo FH16 2009 750pk 8×4 Heavy haulage truck
Company: Van de Wetering Yacht and Special Transport B.V.
Country: Netherlands
Click for real life picture:
-Realistic Van de Wetering textures
-Prepared for High power cargo pack
-Add 8×4 chassis with pipes and sideskirt
-Including Van de Wetering decal with lights in it
-Including Globetrotter(XL) and 750 decals with light
-Including Airconditioner compact black
-Globetrotter XL cabin without extension
-Much accessoires dots
-Including Oversize warning bords and ADR bords
-Chrome 750 logo on the side
-Contains 4 files
-Do not customize a lot of things in 1 time, then the game will probably crash
-Textures,skins and idea by Elitesquad Modz
-Merge,compressing and Modpacket by Elitesquad Modz
-Volvo FH16 2009 Truck mod by Ohaha
-Volvo FH16 2009 8×4 Truck mod by Roadhunter
-Airconditioner compact by Maxx2504

Elitesquad Modz, Ohaha, Roadhunter, Maxx2504


Argosy Freightliner 8×4 3.0


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Its a standalone truck modified from odd_fellows Argosy, basic difference is that it has 4 x chassis variants , 6×4, 8x4a, 8x4b and 6×4 tandem, moreover added accessories from Ohaha, and Argosy. , The aim is to make a wholesum Argosy for the variety of fans.
It Incl
4 chassis
Cat and Cummings Engine with sound
Delete previous version if you have and then activate it.
Tested 1,18

SCS Software, Jon_Ruda, Flemmings, Sergej Baltazar, Kriechbaum, dmitry68, odd_fellow, OHAHA for his addons and My Self Irteza


Volvo F10 8×4 v 3.16.4f

Volvo F10 8x4 (2) Volvo F10 8x4 (1)

– The Reds format error at the level of the F10 would resolved

– New engines
– New gear

Authors: Stass556, Chris, Gandorin

DOWNLOAD 84 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 84 MB [Sharemods]

Chassis MAN TGX 41.680 8X4/4 BBS & MAN TGX 41.680 8X6 BBS

Chassis MAN TGX (1) Chassis MAN TGX (2)

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Adapted for transportation of superheavy cargo chassis MAN 8×4.
Mod adapted to patch
The basis is taken from the mod Nikola Kostovski “MAN 8×4″ which was published two years ago. Many thanks to the author.

List of changes:

Added this truck in dialer center.
Added this truck in company.
Added gearbox ZF Tronic 12AS2740TO.
Added branded headlights “MAN”.

Gear ratios Gearbox ZF Tronic 12AS2740TO and drive axles, as well as the load on the front axle and the total volume of the tanks have real value.
As the game transmission ratios and drive axles are registered in a single file, had to do a lot of the same transmission with different gear ratios differential gear.
This means that you can easily carry heavy cargo with a mediocre engine.
In order to avoid confusion, after the name of each transmission, I have two options – FG (first transmission gear ratio) and D (differential gear ratio).
The higher differential ratio (D), the more thrust and less top speed.

Tested on

Since the description of mod writer made no mention of the ban on the change in this mod, as well as publication of modified versions of this mod, I think that copyright is not violated all the more that the model did not change the chassis. Changes were only specifications.

Author model: Nikola Kostovski, Parameters gearbox and chassis: Tornado


FreigthLiner Argosy CAT 8×4 – 1680 and 1996 HP New Engines


YouTube preview

The beautiful truck FreigthLiner MOD made by Argosy, with a some engines, now have two new engines , 1680 and 1996HP engine made by me. In the youtube video, I demonstrating its acceleration capacity.
The top speed is 163 KPH with the 13 speed guearbox . This video was made during a freight with a 22tons cargo.
This FreigthLiner MOD originated from a VOLVO as project basis made by SCS Software, Jon_Ruda, Sergej Baltazar, Kriechbaum, dmitry68, OHAHA and Irteza.
The engine MOD developed by me, correctly calculated in power and torque.
Engine Specs :
1680 or 1996 Horses
Torque max at 1700 rpm
RMP Range : 1100 to 2300, HSD Engine

This mod must be installed after the Mod Fr_Argosy_Cat_8x4 in the MOD folder Eurotruck.

Tested in 1.16.x – 1.17.x – 1.18.x Game versions , STEAM
Tested with Freigth Liner Argosy CAT 8×4 Versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0

People Who made Argosy FreigthLiner and Myself, Leossom, the new Engines