Australian Trailer Skin

Australian-Trailers-Skin-1 Australian-Trailers-Skin-2

Adds Toll, Linfox, Mainfreight, Toll Ipec, Australia Post, Startrack, Cement Australia and Boral Trailer Skin

Author: ARS29


3 Responses to Australian Trailer Skin

  1. jaked7 says:

    Excellent finally aussie stuff for ets2 :)

  2. Christmas says:

    Looks f*****g sick mate but i was wondering if you could do some aussie skins for the kenworth mods like the k100 or w900 or t660, if not oh well but keep up the good work

  3. Piston Broke says:

    Apologies if you’ve already added this but I didn’t see his famous logo on the back of your trailer skin “You are passing another fox”. It’s pretty iconic & a big detail to miss tbh.

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