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Mapa Brasil Total v 5.2

mapa-brasil-total-1 mapa-brasil-total-2 mapa-brasil-total-3

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Changelog in 5.2:
* Adapted for the game version 1.25,
* Bug fixes
* Required for DLC Scandinavia & Going East

Author: Fabiano Teixeira

DOWNLOAD 188 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 188 MB [Uploadfiles]

MHAPro EU 1.25 for ETS2 V1.25.x


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ETS2 – MHAPro EU 1.25 (Compatible with 1.25.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. harmonized MHAPro map number with SCS update’s !! (no matter on past numbers)
2. fixed all problems with trailers textures in new update
3. fixed compatibility MHAPro MOD with new SCS Public update 1.25.x
4. fixed some small problems, mistakes and bugs
5. fixed Toll gate near Chamount (F) on highway A5

Author: Heavy Alex


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Dangerous Roads Map

Dangerous-Roads-Map-2 Dangerous-Roads-Map-1

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Download Dangerous Roads Map mod made by Rodrigo Crocco for Euro Truck Simulator 2.
5 “German” cities with crazy serpentine roads. Standalone map, you need a new profile.

Author: Rodrigo Crocco


Project Balkans v 2.1: ProMods addon for 1.24.x


This is the map mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which expands the game world with detailed map of Balkans. Requires Promods 2.1 and both DLCs to run. Runs only on latest ETS 2 update, 1.24.

-new cities: Sremska Mitrovica (SRB) and Doboj (BIH)
-fixed problems with jobs in Croatia

New features:

– Osijek
– Slavonski Brod
– Virovitica
– Donji Miholjac (scenery village)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Brod
– Doboj

– Sremska Mitrovica

Mod manager order if you’re using Promods and Rusmap:
Project Balkans Definition Package
Project Balkans Map Package
Project Balkans Assets Package
ProMods+RusMap Connection
RusMap Map Package
RusMap Model Package
ProMods Definition Package
ProMods Map Package
ProMods Media Package
ProMods Models Package 2
ProMods Models Package 1
ProMods Assets Package
RusMap Def Package

grega, volan123, HackerGamer


The Harsh Russian Baikal R3 1.24

Harsh-Russian-Baikal-1 Harsh-Russian-Baikal-2 Harsh-Russian-Baikal-3

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Off-road map of Russia.
This map is designed for people who have a strong nervous system. for those who love simulators, rather than arcade.
For version 1.24.x
In this archive:
С.Р.Байкал.r3 LOCK_sevliftservis- card key.
С.Р.Байкал r3 MAP- Map
С.Р.Байкал r3 HARD- trailers
С.Р.Байкал r3 AWD- four-wheel drive trucks for default
С.Р.Байкал r3 sound- sounds of map.

Download all three parts in one folder.
Extract the first part “Baikal 3.7 z.001” of the archiver 7zip.
Other parts do not need to unpack – they fall automatically with the first part.

Author: goba6372

DOWNLOAD 700 MB Part 1 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 700 MB Part 2 [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 620 MB Part 3 [Sharemods]

DOWNLOAD 700 MB Part 1 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 700 MB Part 2 [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 620 MB Part 3 [Uploadfiles]

ProRus Map v 1.4

ProRus-1 ProRus-2 ProRus-3

In this version of the revised and improved all the cities and roads.

Added new city Orsha, Kovel, Lutsk and Lviv.

This version is adapted and tested on version 1.25 of the game below have not tested

Author: diman26

DOWNLOAD 745 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 745 MB [Uploadfiles]

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