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4 New Companys:DPD, DHL, Ups, Rimi


Tested on version 1.22.x
Mod version 1.0!
Tested without any other mods!

Trameri now is DPD
BCP now is DHL
Transinet now is Ups
Eurogoodies now is Rimi

Trailers are included in companys and AI traffic.
All bugs fixed!

Support mail:
[email protected]

Happy trucking with new companys!

Author: LVmodingTeam


Installment amounting to 0 v 1.0


Respect my work!!
Not to reupload!!
Working on 1.22.xx
In case of problems please disable modifications !!

42000zł (10500€)-4zł (1€) daily
210000zł (52500€)-4zł (1€) daily
420000zł (105000€)-0zł (0€) daily
1680000zł (420000€)-0zł (0€) daily

Author: misiek108 (Bartorex167)


Loading Bar from ATS

Loading-Bar-1 Loading-Bar-2

Loading Bar from ATS to ETS2
Tested 1.22 game version

Author: Mods_rus


Route Advisor Minimalistic Karta Centr Mirror 1.20 F6 Fix

Route-Advisor-Minimalistic-Karta-1 Route-Advisor-Minimalistic-Karta-2

RouteAdvisor – all the information in the top line, running line moved to the right mirror.
I suggest you 2 options to choose the second option somewhat increased the mirror, because I play a 27 monitor.

Tested 1.22.6

Authors: Hemil, Nikon, puxman


Improved Truck Physics Mod v 1.3


YouTube preview

About this mod, read carefully!

Mod aimed at the players, who want more difficult and life like physics in ETS2. It adds lots of changes to almost parameters, related to truck and driver behavior.
This version contains major changes, compared to previous version. To start with, it now support all trucks and splits into two version: “normal” and “soft”.
Such changes must gives more freedom to players, which prefer different truck behavior and want to have a mod support of all trucks.
Both mod edition contain different and similar parts.

Similar parts regarding truck physics: truck steering: fifth wheel behavior; brake max temp, cooling and heating rates, strength and balance;
cabin and wheel mass; sway bar stiffness; transmission, flywheel, retarder and clutch paramters; truck inertia; damping forces for trailer; air and rotational wheel resistance; all wheel-related parameters.
Similar parts regarding driver physics: length and leaning parametets, pitch angles.

Different parts regarding truck physics: cabin pitch and roll angles, and damping strengths; wheel suspension damping strength for truck.
Different parts regarding driver physics: seat restitution coef.; driver pitch/height damping factors.

This differences, in two words, makes truck cabin, chassis and driver more “mobile” in soft physics version.

Key features:
Corrected to real life values such parameters as: max. brake temperature, brakes heating/cooling rates and cabin/wheel masses;
More realistic fifth wheel: added fifth wheel roll angle;
Decreased truck responsitiveness. More feel of a truck mass – less acceleration, harder to brake with and without load, more air and rotational wheel resistance;
Clutch changes – less clutch viscosity – more chances for engine to stall;
Decreased tire friction parameters and increased wheel slip factors – brake path is longer and at some conditions (muddy, wet road etc) you can loose control on truck or experience wheel slip;
Reworked cabin and chassis suspension behavior – during various truck maneuvers truck front less static now;
Reworked driver behavior – during truck maneuvers, he`s more prone to move frontbackwardside to side (but not that much, like in previous mod version).

Supported trucks (IMPORTANT!):
Starting from the version 1.3 mod support all trucks!

Installation instructions:
1.Extract scs files from downloaded archive to mod folder of ETS2;
2.Open in-game mod manager, select desired physics mod and enable it;



Huge Map Zoom


YouTube preview

Mod modifies default ETS2 Map Zoom values, allowing to see huge parts of map.
I recommend using Zoom x2 with High City Detail.

* Zoom x2, High City Detail
* Zoom x2, Low City Detail
* Zoom x4, High City Detail
* Zoom x4, Low City Detail

Detailed Credits:
* Narzew for making this Huge Zoom Fix 🙂
* Hemil for South Korea Adventure Map Zoom, used as base
* SCS for game_data.sii template


License (EN):
* Share where you want, but save authorship and original download link
* Do not reupload
* Do not earn on my mod (, and similiar)
* Do not sell my mod
* If you build something upon my work, please add me to credits and send me a e-mail (or message via SCS forum)

License (PL):
* Rozprzestrzeniaj gdzie chcesz, ale zachowaj listę twórców i oryginalny link
* Nie reuploaduj
* Nie zarabiaj na moim modzie (, i podobne)
* Nie sprzedawaj mojego moda
* Jeśli stworzyłeś coś na podstawie mojego moda, dodaj mnie do creditsów i wyślij mi e-maila (lub wiadomość przez forum SCS)

License (RU):

* Сохранять первоначальную ссылку на скачивание и авторство!
* Не перезаливать!
* Никаких подкладываний под ссылку (,, и так далее..), с целью заработка, на данной модификации!

Narzew, Hemil


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