FPS Increase 2.2 FINAL (Only Config)

FPS Increase

This mod is same than previous version i only disable CONSOLE and FPS SHOWING on top of display!Because some people ask to disable console and fps on top in display now is possible with this config file..Just replace it with old one!But make backup first of old config!

If you need SCS mods than download previous version of 2.2 FINAL

Author: BLiNKT


Delivery distance change

Delivery distance change

Sometime, when I get maximal skill of long delivery distance, I want to stay in some region of map.
I like France of ProMODS map, but long distance dispatches me on other map edge – I don’t want It.

This mod can change maximal distance independently of your skill.
Now it stay on 650 km. You can change it parameter if you know how.

This mod uses undeclared parameter of “skill_distance” and decrease cargo validity time from 30 hours to 6 hours, than cargo changed.

Keep warning. This mod begin work when all cargo time is out. You may to sleep or going somewhere.
But until cargo time is over – new cargo distance not appear.

Tested on 1.19 and may work on older version ETS2 too.

Author: piva


AI Traffic – country def folders for modders

country def folders for modders

This package includes country definition folders for modders to set the frequency of an AI Traffic vehicle appearing in a country.

Please use up all country folders for every vehicle .sii file and adjust frequencies for each country as necessary. Frequency is 1 by default if no .sii file is added.

Recommended frequencies for realism:
– 0.01 for heavily customized, unusual, rare, expensive, or vintage vehicles
– 0.1 for classic vehicles no longer in production in the country but iconic in the country
– 0.5 for vehicles no longer in production but previously manufactured/sold or frequently imported in the country
– 1 for everyday common vehicles to see on the road in the country (typically vehicles from 2004 – present)

Includes countries from:
– Base Map, DLC East + Scandinavia countries
– Brazil EAA Map countries
– El Dorado Map countries
– TruckSim Map countries
– ProMods Map countries
– RusMap countries
and other map mods that use these countries.

Author: Drive Safely


Frosty Winter Weather Mod v 5.1

Frosty Winter Weather Mod (1) Frosty Winter Weather Mod (3) Frosty Winter Weather Mod (2)

This mod simulates winter.

Key Features
Winter weather and lighting
Snow/Sleet instead of rain
0700 to 1900 daylight hours
Early morning fog

No physics mod has been applied so the trucks will drive as normal.

Works with Promods, TSM, Rus Map, Poland Rebuilding, Hungary Map and others.

Compatibility: 1.19

Changes in 5.1:
Updated for 1.19

Frosty is a weather and lighting mod so other weather, lighting, HDR and environmental graphics mods should be disabled.

Frosty should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.

Recommended Settings
HDR: Enabled
Color Correction: Enabled
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High or Medium

Author: Grimes


Start Money 750k

Start Money 750k

You are starting your career with 750k money

Author: American-Express


Start Money 500k

Start Money 500k

You are starting your career with 500k money
Tested on version 1.19.x

Author: American-Express


New Icons In The Menu


New icons in the menu and map.