Mercedes Actros MP4 Japanese Transportation Companies Skin

Japanese Transportation Companies

Japanese transportation companies skin for Mercedes Actros MP4 Truck
Tested 1.18.x and 1.19.x

Author: MamaSayNo!


Countryside/Tarania Map v 0.0.3a

Countryside Tarania Map (1) Countryside Tarania Map (2) Countryside Tarania Map (3)

YouTube preview

This is v 0.0.3 alpha of Countryside map (know as Tarania map).
Instruction: (First download the arhive and extract it.)
1. Make a new profile
2. Activate all 6 parts.
3. Change from Europe to taranoaia.mbd
4. If you want a good city(village) start from Terenu.


Bugs: BAD One and BAD two are the most buggiest city.
Drekkar company from Milkoi.
Some area without terrain.
Price from Gas Station


What should you know about this map:
Is a concept to make a map only with village and dangerous road. Is alpha stage. I am the main author(owner) Narcis, and with my little help Alex we gonna make this map bigger and bigger.

I change map name to countryside to be easy for you to understand, and name of Tarania is for romanian guys(and girls).

This update was soo late relase because I(narcis) had and still have a very hard time. I am sick.
Please if you like this concept don’t be rude with me or alex.

Support us by downloading the map. If you like it please leave a comment.


Add in 0.0.3 alpha:
– Signs
– Four new city
– Some new texture.
– New dangerous road
– Support for Manager Mod
– New city name
– The newest city have more realism


Authors: Main Author: Narcis(redeye)
Alex( KiLLeR Modding)(special thanks for learning soo fast and for beeing a very good friend)
FLD(special thanks for new prefab)
Barrets_kills( special thankx for prefab and some new stuff)


Name of the city was inspired from my fans from


Authors: Narcis(redeye), Alex( KiLLeR Modding), FLD, Barrets_kills


Renault Magnum edit v 2.1.1

Renault Magnum edit (1) Renault Magnum edit (2)

YouTube preview

– Added new chassis variants
– Added new cabins
– Updated definitions for 1.19.x
– Added variants in traffic
– Added interior looks

Tested on:

Authors: SCS, Ricardo Neisse

DOWNLOAD 32 MB [Mediafire]

Freightliner Argosy Painted Trial Skin

Painted Trial (1) Painted Trial (2)

Painted Trial Skin for Freightliner Argosy Truck

Author: Ageratus Speac


Rompetrol Combo Pack


Tested on 1.19
Trailer standalone
Skin for DAF euro 6
Do not reupload

Author: KiLLer Modding


Renault Magnum Tribal Skin

Tribal (1) Tribal (2)

Tested on: 1.18.x – 1.19
Do not re-upload.

Author: PRN_FR ETS-Modding


Serrridslev Tank Transport RJL


Thanks for a great time on the modding websites but this is my last mod, as they a being re-uploaded on other websites7

But feel free to send me a request for a skin on my email

Some of the skins you could request could cost money ;) but not more than 5€

But still dont be afraid to ask for a skins.. I would like to make your wish skin ;)
Working on x1.19.1 (its not a combo pack)

Truck model: scania r & streamline rjl
Cabin size: topline
Skin type: serrridslev tank transport
—————–mod contains———————
1 truck skin for the scania r & streamline rjl
—————–rules & copyrights——————–
Do not re-upload any of my skins, if u upload any of my skins to other websites or anything without my permission……… will I get them removed!!!!!
Feel free to share mod with link to forums and that

————-contact me————
Ets2 related

E-mail: ets2bastian@hotmail.Com
*skype: bastian.B.Villadsen
**steam: [your way forward] bastian [dk]

[feel free to request a skin or ask questions to my email in desc]

For the scania you’ll need to donwload rjl scania streamline v1.3 mod to get the serrridslev tank transport complete!

Ps I dont know if I can do your skin cause got soo many requests for skins that im totally booked this week

Scs, rjl, bastian