Save game for Trucksim map 2.2


Save game:
Money: 9 999 999 999 705 768
Level: 20372493
Mod: trucksimmap v2.2

Author: xxx (from Iran)


45 Responses to Save game for Trucksim map 2.2

  1. cold says:

    tnx for this save

  2. amir says:

    علیرضا جون عالیه

  3. amir says:

    فقط حیف شد چون سیوت خرابه نمیاد!!!!!!!

  4. xxx says:

    trucksim map 2.2امیر جان این سیو گیم برای کسانی هست که مود را نصب کرده اند

    یعنی جای این که برای بار بردن در آفریقا پروفایل جدید درست کنند این سیو گیم را استفاده کنند

  5. F says:

    Money, XP… omg, did you lose control with cheat engine?

  6. Pierre says:

    ça va tu t’éclates bien Al Thaani ? Allez casse-toi!

  7. T5V says:

    Do you get a truck when you start the game

  8. T5VD says:

    I forgot a letter in my name

  9. video make says:

    can you tell the steps for this mod plzz?

  10. Destruction05 says:

    This wont work!!! help!!

  11. DaSquirrelsNuts says:

    Will This Work With 3.5?

  12. GamerHere4 says:

    Everyone this is an awesome mod please say thanks to the creator for this and hope th creator makes more great mod

  13. mitsos123 says:

    hi tec

  14. mitsos123 says:

    i am fine thanks

  15. devilb says:

    Wow this save is awsome

  16. TheDriverX says:

    is the file name 797979.rar?!

  17. TheDriverX says:

    i think i gonna test it but… it’s working???…

  18. abi says:

    how to creat new id

  19. josh swain says:


  20. JOSIAH says:



    basically download and drag and drop into profile in the euro truck simulator 2 folder and then open game and click this save game profile

  22. norway guy says:

    it wont work with the 1.13.1 version :/

  23. Elfyz254 says:

    The game keeps crashin when i try enter Amsterdam in Netherlands with this save. I play on 1.14

  24. WileyLong says:

    I don’t see a download button

  25. WileyLong says:

    Can someone post the link to the sendspace

  26. Dasquirrelsnuts says:

    Hi guys who loves my vid ETS in two days. see ya

  27. new player says:

    help this save crashes my game plz help me

  28. new player says:

    this profile crashes my game plz someone help me

  29. mattse says:

    bla bal bla

  30. Svantethetrucker says:

    Why does it chrash the game?

  31. Fr0nterz says:

    i dont know what verson i need to play on i dont have 1.4.8, i only have older and newer versions.
    Any body that coud helt me or just anser this post.

  32. Fr0nterz says:

    I only have older and newer versions tan 1.4.8, i don`t know what version i shoud play on then

    Can any body please answer me on ths one.

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