Scania tuning mod


Author: maghetto704


19 Responses to Scania tuning mod

  1. ssss says:

    hmmm goood and even the volvo

  2. Lalalalaalalalalalaalalala says:

    When i download this mod it starts to download but the download stopped after some minutes and there is just a error :( why???

  3. Mihee says:

    What kind of language this mod?

  4. BLiNKT says:

    Hello please make this mod for man tgx truk please

  5. Mak-Kyver says:


  6. andels123 says:

    Where is the tuned back?

    shown in the third picture

  7. Mostafa says:

    Please let me download for another server

  8. Mostafa says:

    Please let me download for another server Media Fire

  9. and says:

    how to get the light back on, chimney and bagskræmen my lights disappear there

  10. Hobbytrucker says:

    this Scania EVo is an very nice Scania version. but the Light options in the front need to revised for the Scania Evo ;)

  11. marinos_ch says:

    Perfect mod but if it has and lower chase will be the best!!!

  12. andels123 says:

    You can made this tuning back for scania r?

  13. Mitchell says:

    On the back bumper can you update this mod so that with some of the lights that go on the bumper they hav indicators

  14. Aventador says:

    why god damit in this mod when i try to change cabin my game crashed? i using 1.5.2

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