Scania R700


Tested version 1.7.1s
2 files in the archive
1 file for the skin R700
1 file for the shell

the AU44 truck
skin Fred_be


7 Responses to Scania R700

  1. derBarni says:

    Looking GREAT! Especially with the white grill!

    The coloured grill can be used apart from the skin, right?

    Download is already completed and will be tested a.s.a.p. tonight! :D

  2. stewowe says:

    can u add template for R700? please.

  3. K.K1nG says:

    cannot see it in the dealership…whats the problem?

  4. Fred_be says:

    It is only the skin the truck can be downloaded from this site

  5. old-stuff-hater says:

    if there is something like that in the description: “Tested version 1.7.1s”
    that is a f*****g old mod with outdated pmg-files and many warnings and errors in game.log.txt
    it will run with 1.7.x but it will lag your game.

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