1.14 MasterMods No-Damage


This Mod makes the truck & trailer take no damage and was created after the data would not accept 0% from 1.14, crashing your game. Fully working No-Damage for 1.14

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7 Responses to 1.14 MasterMods No-Damage

  1. Nuri says:

    broken link

  2. fattrucker says:

    sounds like cheating to me

  3. klever says:

    Unusable on eastern_express_ver_4_0_ets2_1_14
    Because you overwrite the game_data.sii file.
    Tha game can’t load this scs file.Consider the original
    map zoom.Regrettably that is password protected.TSM map has a lot to offer no_damage.I wish you good luck with the challenge.

  4. Jesse says:

    What a useless mod why can’t you play it normaly with out cheating

  5. Nawassoldenndas says:

    Don’t work with 1.14!
    can’t load game anymore!

  6. ekselke says:

    Don’t work with 1.14

  7. venntie says:

    dosent work

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