1.31 fix for Suzuki Carry v 1.0 by Rindray

This is dealer fix for the Suzuki Carry 1.0 mod by Yuli Indrayana by me
Author of main mod is not me.
I just made it compatible to ETS2 v1.31
Thank You

Yuli Indrayana (Rindray Art Design), LynxKris (1.31 fix)


18 thoughts on “1.31 fix for Suzuki Carry v 1.0 by Rindray

  1. its not showing in daf dealer…………

    1. For me too

      1. this mod is fake………..

  2. Xiao Qunlong

    This is not a fake mod.
    Just the wrong file path.

  3. same problem not appear in Daf dealer

  4. make left hand drive

    1. TruckerOne

      Need a fix for the fix ???

    2. its still not showing in dealer…………

      1. It’s weird , it should show in dealer!
        Mine is working perfectly

    3. ETS2 Gamer

      could u help me please i wanna download this mod for ETS2 1.31 but it says file not found, what should I do?


  5. Everyone, download the corrected file from the link in comments and put that file in top priority

    1. u should make a video on it

    2. AnonymousTrucker

      It works, but whenever I finish customizing it and go to purchase and send the truck to one of my garages the game crashes.

      1. It’s nothing to dod with this fix, something may be wrong in other files of the main mod

    3. put the main mod first then put the fix i just do it and success

  6. Will you please make update mod of ISUZU ELF Bus?

    1. Sure, someday

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