11 trailer pack


The 11 trailer was converted from GTS / ETS, and ETS ​​to ETS2.
It is a standalone trailer with 31 charges
Tested on ETS 2 1.8.x.x.

Syncron, Dark Silver


7 thoughts on “11 trailer pack

  1. NICE INFO WITH PICTURES!!! how user know what kind trailers is inside???

  2. все фото в нутри
    all photos inside

    1. But I will not download 223 MB just to see wht is inside…

      1. Man… That’s not the point! I’m just asking for more information from people who are sharing their mods here!

  3. I have tried to download for curiosity… it has stopped at 219Mb !!! No luck !!

  4. @lol hahahah!

  5. sorry to bump an old topic but this is a great mod, all working brilliantly with latest steam version.

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