2009 Dodge Charger SRT8

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2009 Dodge Charger Srt8
Stok Versiyon
-Her galeride bulunur.
-1.30 versiyonda test edilmiştir.
-Dış + Işık Maskesi
-İç + İç Işıklar
-Özel Kabin Aksesuarları
-1 Anten
-1 Spoiler
-5 Egzoz
-14 Jant
-Birçok Slot Var
Lütfen modu editlemeyin, yeniden uploadlamayın(yüklemeyin) ve linkini değiştirmeyin. Teşekkürler 🙂
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2009 Dodge Charger Srt8
Version Stock
-Available at all Dealer
-Test in 1.30 version
-Exterior + Lightmask
-Interior + Decals
-Custom Cabin Accesory
-1 Antenna
-1 Spoiler
-5 Exhaust
-14 Rim
-More Slots
Please do not edit, reupload, change link and respect my work, Thanks 🙂
Have fun!

Mustafa Kemal NUR (mstkmlnr)


17 Responses to 2009 Dodge Charger SRT8

  1. Kei says:

    Please make a Dodge Caliber too!!!

  2. Automobile Freak YT says:

    hd test video at …. youtu.be/Z6VhiwKp6qA

  3. PolishDriverTruck says:

    Nice HD Video Test 1.30…

  4. Scooby123 says:

    Nice mod but why not standalone?

  5. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30…

  6. b00stgames says:

    Video Test HD:

  7. FoxOnTheBox says:

    Very nice car mod, thanks for adding alternative sounds.

    HD Video tested on 1.30

  8. waylon says:

    very nice car mod, I really enjoy it. To complete my car list, does anyone know if there is a ford crown victoria

    • mstkmlnr says:

      Maybe later 🙂

      • Kei says:

        hey mstkmlnr, you should work on an Dodge Caliber for ETS2….. so love this compact hatchback car….

        • mstkmlnr says:

          I don’t know, maybe later 🙂

          • Kei says:

            it’s Dodge Caliber….

            this one: dxsdcl7y7vn9x.cloudfront.net/3/1004463/13350276/946087377.jpg

          • mstkmlnr says:

            I know dodge caliber but i don’t know when i make a caliber mod

  9. LukaszTrakeR says:

    Please fix animation dashboard

  10. wolfrunner says:

    am i missing something, i installed in mods folder and enabled it but it does not show up at dealers

  11. Jeremiah says:

    it wont work on my game ets2 1.151 version plese fix it am new at geting mods help nice car by the way i love dodge

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