Month: August 2015

Scania P

Scania P

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– Adaptation for 1.20 version
– Are a separate slot
– 3 cabin
– 3 chassis
– Your interior
– Your wheels
– Added my drives (for new versions)
– Tuning into the interior
– Supports metallic paint
– The truck itself is done efficiently
– Tested on 1.20

Authors: Mr.Poland, Ahaneim, Sanya, Sentaku

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DOWNLOAD 80 MB [Uploadfiles]

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Scania R450 Streamline Tandem (for 1.20 version)

Scania R450 Streamline Tandem (1) Scania R450 Streamline Tandem (3) Scania R450 Streamline Tandem (2)

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Scania Streamline Tandem
Mod adapted to 1.20 version
Own standalone wheels
Own interior
Truck replaces Scania R2009 6×2-4 chassis
Trailer replaces Krone Cooliner
After picking up the trailer you must restart game to get wheels in place!

Authors: Ballinowicz, Pawel92 (For adapting to 1.20 version)

DOWNLOAD 114 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 114 MB [Uploadfiles]

Scania 124L adaptation for 1.20

Scania 124L

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Model has a lot of opportunities on the left.
Ten built-in skins
Adapted it for new versions
I also added a more powerful engine,
Added two interior,
Extra long gear ratios in the gearbox, and tweaked the tuning.
Are a separate slot
Four types of interior
Manifest Manager mods
Adapted for 1.20.x

Satan19990, Adaptation: vovangt4

DOWNLOAD 16 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 16 MB [Sharemods]

Mercedes Benz Germany Squad Skin

Germany Squad (1) Germany Squad (3) Germany Squad (2)

First I created a skin, please do not criticize much) .In the future improvements will be based on your opinions and personal beliefs.
Skin for Mercedes-BENZ Actros Germany national football team 1.0. A more correct reflection of the back label when used with a spoiler on the cab kryshe.Sozdan for football fans, fans of national team or for those who are just interested in the topic.
Test version: 1.19.x

Author: Vyatych


CZ/SK addon Map by Vlasta v 2.2

CZSK addon Map

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Patch 1.20.xx

The map contains additional cities Czech and Slovak Republics game ETS2.
Are necessary for the functioning of the DLC East and Scandinavia, map does not work without them.
Installing accessory at your own risk.
The map is locked, subsequent updates maps’ll deliver as complete.

Map is not compatible with the others, because of the use of the same sectors in the Czech borderland map the others …

Authors: SCS, Vlasta, FLD, HomerS

DOWNLOAD 150 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 150 MB [Uploadfiles]

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