Month: August 2021

Renault Trucks Mack V8 Sound V.2.0

my sound mod only works on scs trucks, you can try it on other trucks (not tested)

don’t take permission for video

however, copying and modification of audio files is strictly prohibited

patch: 1.41 in other versions it works if the change is not made by scs



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Sanfridssons åkeri AB Herrljunga Combo

So got done with this skin and decided to upload it. So this skin is made to look like the Swedish company Sanfridssons Åkeri AB.
Just some short info about what the skinpack contains:

Skin for Scania Next Gen R Highline (will work on the normal but will not look as good) and NTM 4.4m box (only ntm 4.4m).

Skin for 50keda light box

Skin for NTM long dolly trailer.

Will work on 1.41 and will most likely work on lower versions but if there is any problem let me know in the comments and will reply as soon as possible.

!!! Respect my work and do not share without the original link and author !!!

thone kast 50keda


MAP – SibirMap 2.0 for ETS2 [1.41] – Version 2.1.2

Map for ETS2 – SibirMap 2.0

Version – 2.1.2.


The Map of Siberia project is being revived, now it is a project for the default module (europe), at a default scale of 1:19.
Docking with the classic set of projects RusMap + SouthernRegion + GreatSteppe + VOLGAMAP.

Map changes in version 2.1.2:
Added: territories of Bashkiria and Orenburg region (Tyulgan, Isyangulovo). A beautiful area is the mountainous Urals.
Expanded Chelyabinsk, added a new city district and district Chelyabinsk (owed money from the last release). Conditions have been created for development in the direction of Ufa, Kurgan, Yekaterinburg.


– Rusmap (Map, Def, Model)
– GreatSteppe
– Volgamap
– SouthernRegion
– SibirMap 2.1.2 MapDef
– SibirMap 2.1.2 Model

Links to the map:

Substrate mod from BenganJ (You won’t see the map without it, it’s called Satellite Eurasia Background):

Paypal –
Become a VK-Donation of the project (subscription) –

Thanks for supporting the project!
More info:

Map author: Valery 10AVOID

Objects and Prefabs:
– Denis Denlog
– Victoria Vic
– Artem SimKA
– Dima (Mitriy124)
– 10Avoid

Consulting and technical support:
– Sanya Ribka
– Artem SimKA
– Dima (Mitriy124)
– Roman 09_KZ

Special thanks for the support in mapping:
– Leonid Chernousov
– Sergey Zubarev
– Yulia Tkachenko
And also to everyone who supports the project with donations, likes, advertising.

DOWNLOAD 472 MB [mirror]

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