Month: November 2022

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Ownable SCS Fuel Tanker v1.1 ETS2 v1.46.x+

Trailer and semi-trailer with double hitch.
Transportation of flammable fuels and lubricants (POL).

Mod features:
The mod is fully converted from ATS to ETS2.
Game log cleaned up to 100% – percent.
Complete trailer optimization in the ETS2 environment.
Sold by property at trailer modification dealer – DNA Transport.
Completely autonomous.
Has a chassis with single and double hitch.
It has a tank with chrome support, painting and an obsolete version.
Supports 9 high-quality skins for 4K format.
Tuning is missing.
Registered own cargoes from ETS2 – (kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, etc., etc.)
Full support for coupler simulation and dual cable coupler simulation 🙂
Cable support only from ETS2 🙂

Tested on ETS2 version: 1.46.x
It will also work on the previous version 1.45!

Don’t forget to leave an honest review in the PM of our community.
All smooth roads and a pleasant journey!

Authors: DNA Transport.
Author of the conversion from ATS to ETS2: Master_Yoda.

DOWNLOAD 17 MB [mirror]

Living Cities 2.2 1.46.x

This mod animates several cities: Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Vienna, Banska Bystrica, Budapest, Ostrava, Katowice, Kosice, Krakow, Wroclaw, Debrecen, Lublin, Lodz, Olsztyn, Poznan. Added pedestrians, animals, cyclists, people at bus stops and benches.

Adaptation for patch 1.46.x

Another city of Pecs revived ( Pecs )
and a busy road from Szeged to Pecs.

Reduced file size.

The mod does not work with the map

Romania Extended Map.

Also, the mod does not work with maps

ProMods 2.63
and with other cards replacing the Default card.

Mod works with maps

Russian map 2.46
Russian map 5.3
Southern Region 10.9 and 11.0
AZGE add-on
The Great Steppe v.2.0
Volga map 1.5
Siberia map 2.4.1
Road to Asia 1.5
Project Caucasus
Kirov map 1.2
Altai map 1.5

Ping Pong

DOWNLOAD 80 MB [mirror]

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