220 km/h and more Truck speed


Works with all Trucks
You should insert this mod to your mod folder and it works

Authors: dimka, tomson


15 thoughts on “220 km/h and more Truck speed

  1. GhostRunner

    this is ####, stop believing you ect of moders just editing a file def, more to the big ####

    Bull ####

  2. your Noob this Mod needs nobody….

  3. Wow Kids game. Need for Speed. What about 300 km/t and 30.000 HP.????

  4. unrealistic and unnecessary ,useless mode ..sorry.

  5. Sometimes 6speed 3100hp with Kenworth 140km/h 20 tonnes behind me.I have not broken other rules.And I’m late.How is that possible?

    1. Because you’re trying to play ETS2 via Need For Speed…

    2. or because you don’t follow your GPS LOL !!!!

  6. nice KIDDIE shredder mod



  8. This is not speed mod i look in to mod and i see only paint job files so this mod give you money if you buy paint you get 1000000000 money

    So first don’t upload mod if you don’t know what is this mod do

  9. You’re an #####! Rather buy a car racing game!

  10. Yes, this mod is unrealistic.

    However, to those who don’t like it, don’t download it. I cease to try an understand those who try to cause a pfaff because they don’t like something. If you don’t like it, DON’T BUY IT, HOW F*ING HARD IS IT!?

  11. nice mod

  12. i does not work for me

  13. I love how people are like, this is unrealistic. You want play game like racing game. But it doesn’t ####### matter. Games are made to be fun, why not have fun ? Besides do you think he plays all time like this ? You are that people which are like: NO !!! you will drive 80kmh max and you will stay 2 minute on red always and can’t do anything else in the game. Common man…

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