246 Studios UK Rebuilding

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246 Studios UK Rebuilding map is a map focused on updating the UK, as it has not seen a lot of love
Thats why we at 246 studios are here to improve the Uk

Disclaimer: Anyone found to reproduce any of the work in this product will face legal action, all work in this map is our own.

We have faithfully recreated Brighouse and Elland to match their real world counterparts

ChangeLog V1.0:
* New Cities: Brighouse, Elland
* Reworked M62/A1
* Joined M62 onto the A63 near hull as in real life
* Rebuilt Sheffield
* Reworking of Liverpool

Authors: Freddy Peters, Ian Brownbill (For Logos only) Angel Fuentes FLD (Prefabs)


23 thoughts on “246 Studios UK Rebuilding

  1. British trucker

    Finally the UK is getting a little bit of tlc!! Can’t wait to try this out! Thanks very much!

  2. can it work with promod and rusmap? Thanks!

    1. andrew reid

      sorry no i can not

  3. 246 Studios

    Report Bugs here:
    http://www.246studios.co.uk/mantis you will need to make an account to report bugs

  4. 246 Studios

    Standalone, doesn’t work with any other maps bar the AMP spain map, which is yet to be released

  5. what version is this for and canu add other maps ….what lans you havefor next edition and video please….good tosee uk getting sme make over

  6. is this map work with uk only map mod

  7. Yorkshire! My home county. West Yorkshire too. If love to see Leeds done, that would be perfect!

    1. Butterfly_VTC

      Me too mate, love to see Leeds & Bradford. But I grew up in Brighouse. So cant wait to drive around there

      1. 246 Studios

        I’m actually from Brighouse (well rastrick) its good to actually see locals enjoying the map, Brighouse is due a rebuild soon to make it realistic

        1. Would love to see a bit of yorkshire in the game like places like harrogate and leeds

          1. Well I’m from Halifax. I’d love to see Halifax, Leeds and Bradford though but still I spent a fair bit of time in Brighouse so i’m going to love driving through there

  8. About time the UK got some love. Really appreciate your work 🙂

  9. i put it in the game and it crashes anyone have idea why this happens does it on every map i download

  10. phil dunn

    map crashes soon as it trys loading and i dont no why

  11. andrew reid

    no it will not work with promods or tsm

  12. what version of game is it 1.22 or 1.23 can someone upload video please thanks

  13. hey just looked at the alaska map on ats mod just ike ice road truckers with carlisle trailers cool map great stuff

  14. Could you make housing area with narrow roads and maybe block roads off making you have to drive down housing area

  15. forces ets2 to quit unexpectedly v.1.12.1

    1. It might be a good idea to update your game

  16. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brighouse and Elland aren’t far from where i live!

  17. How do I get this map to work?
    I’ve only got the two extracted .scs files activated on 1.23 but it just keeps crashing before the game properly loads

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