35% More Engine Power

– Works on the “1.30” and “1.31” versions of the game

– This Mod increases the Torque of all engines by 35%

– This Mod was tested at top priority and worke 100%

– In case of use with other mods, it should be placed at top priority

– Does not require a new profile, can be added and removed whenever you want

– In case of problems, use the “Discussions” tab and report problems in a very specific way, that as soon as I have been checking

– If you like, classify so that it is always updated and functional

Thanks and Good Fun!

МаЯоLа® (✌゚∀゚)☞


2 thoughts on “35% More Engine Power

  1. ScaniaLilja16

    Hello can you update the mod for 1.36 Version of ets2! And does it work with the Scania Rjl?

  2. can you update the mod for last Version?

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