35% More Engine Power

– Works on the “1.30” and “1.31” versions of the game

– This Mod increases the Torque of all engines by 35%

– This Mod was tested at top priority and worke 100%

– In case of use with other mods, it should be placed at top priority

– Does not require a new profile, can be added and removed whenever you want

– In case of problems, use the “Discussions” tab and report problems in a very specific way, that as soon as I have been checking

– If you like, classify so that it is always updated and functional

Thanks and Good Fun!

МаЯоLа® (✌゚∀゚)☞


One thought on “35% More Engine Power

  1. ScaniaLilja16

    Hello can you update the mod for 1.36 Version of ets2! And does it work with the Scania Rjl?

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