4 Spoke Steering Wheel for DAF (TruckersMP)


Today i’m releasing the V1 of a 4spoke steering wheel for DAF (105 – €6),
This mod work in multiplayer.

To install it :

Download it (that’s better :v),
Download SIIDecrypt : https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=245874

after go to “documents/Euro Truck Simulator2”

And here extract “4spoke_daf” folder from the .rar,

Here, go to your “game.sii” in profiles/ex:88788741564/save

Open the folder, decrypt your game.sii with SiiDecrypt

With CTRL+F search your immatriculation plate, for example : AA-999-AA (french plate for example),

When you founded it, let’s go repeat “CTRL+F” and search “steering_wheel”

Here you will got :

DAF105 : /def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf/accessory/steering_w/standard.sii

DAF106 : /def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf_euro6/accessory/steering_w/standard.sii

Replace it by :

DAF105 : /home/4spoke_daf/def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf/accessory/steering_w/4branches.sii

DAF106 : /home/4spoke_daf/def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf_euro6/accessory/steering_w/4branches.sii

The mod is not perfect, but, it’s a V1.
Textures is free to edit.

Thx to respect original link.
No reupload.

If you got any problems :
Discord : Sheiokee#3512

Crédits :

3D : Speedy59
Convert to MP : Sheiokee
Helpers : Yasteni, Forerunner.

Sheiokee, Speedy59, Yasteni, Forerunner


11 Responses to 4 Spoke Steering Wheel for DAF (TruckersMP)

  1. iTzSplashed says:

    I’m already using it in TMP since im good at local modding too 🙂 Its pretty awesome!

  2. Hortoracer says:

    hi can you upload a folder with the saved game and the modified save so that just add the folder to the savegame folder?

    • Sheiokee says:


      Yes I can, but i’ve all dlc.. so It will be #### for guys who don’t have them..

  3. The_Falcon says:


  4. gregory says:

    i can’t not fully see the code that i need to put in the game.sii can you send them again pls?

    • Sheiokee says:


      They are in the readme.txt,

      DAF105 : /home/4spoke_daf/def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf/accessory/steering_w/4branches.sii

      DAF106 : /home/4spoke_daf/def/vehicle/truck/daf.xf_euro6/accessory/steering_w/4branches.sii

      Enjoy driving with it

  5. Falcon72 says:

    Very nice mod. I really enjoy driving my truck with this wheel. Could you please make a Volvo version of it? Thanks and have a good day.

    • Falcon72 says:

      Oh I forgot to mention that It would be cool to have the 3 spoke version instead of the 4 spoke, to remember the old glory Volvo F88.

      • Sheiokee says:


        I’m working on a V2 of this mod with a better 3D model.

        It will be compatible with all trucks.

        Enjoy driving with it !

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