50k Wheels Pack v4.2

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reconversion for 1.27

-Ventyres – for base alcoa rims
-abasstreppas – for base steel rims

None. It was tested on version of game.
Backward compatibility: starts with 1.27 as this pack features 3rd generation of wheels and new PMG format!

50keda, Ventyres, abasstreppas


8 thoughts on “50k Wheels Pack v4.2

  1. It crashes every time when i click on one of the parts 🙁

  2. does it work on 1.27.2?
    please update for and 2.4s…..

  3. 1.30???

  4. can you help me pls.. i didnt find any .scs+file..

    1. Xiao Qunlong

      The link is normal.

      Click the link will be automatically downloaded. can be used!

    2. The link is normal
      Click the link will be automatically downloaded can be used!

      1. yes i did.. i downloaded and exract to zip file.. but many folders inside and i see “.sii .pmg .pdm .dds” datas and never see .scs file.. which folders copy to mod folders?

        1. RevelationWH

          just rename it .zip file to .scs format and done

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