50k Wheels Pack


– Wheels Pack for DAF, Scania and MAN Trucks
– Alcoa front and rear wheel
– Heavy duty front wheel
– New version pmg and pmd (ETS2 1.9)
– Log clear

Authors: 50keda, petr.voltr


9 Responses to 50k Wheels Pack

  1. BrazilB says:

    This wheels is amazing… since it launched the first version I use haha

  2. worksgr8 says:

    Could you also do a version with the michelin white words/labels

    • petr.voltr says:

      I do not do texture

      • worksgr8 says:

        Could someone make a white wall version like punisher did with one of the older versions?

        • petr.voltr says:

          the mode (punisher) take texture “tyre.dds” located “vehicle/wheel/50k_alcoa/textures” and put me into a modified mode at the same place

  3. trucker says:

    only for 1.9 ?

  4. Peter says:

    does this tyres only works with the scania from 50k or does it work with streamline also?

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