900 Degrees Wheel Spin


Mod changes the rotation of the steering wheel 900 degrees in all the trucks with the steering wheel on the left side (except Iveco Stralis and Hi Way).
Mod tested on 1.8 version

Author: satan19990


12 thoughts on “900 Degrees Wheel Spin

  1. Really great little tweak in my opinion cause I use a wheel with 900 degrees of rotation and it always bugged me that the in-game wheel is around 760 degrees. Thanks a lot for the mod satan19990.

    1. Yes same for me way more realistic now..


    Will this work for Mod trucks not just in game trucks?

  3. Thanks my Logitech Driving Force Gt is working great (steerrange is to 900 Degrees) THAAAAANks

    1. but cant u make for iveco hi way and the stralis to?

  4. Nice Mod!

  5. @Satan19990

    thx for sharing. Its a nice mod!

    I have G27 but the wheel freeze when I got DAF on ETS2 v1.10.x.

    could u fix? if I’m right, it was working ok to the tested version u made.

    thx since now

  6. wy not iveco? scania and iveco are me favourite trucks

  7. Thanks! works gre with the G27 and the G27 is 900 degrees steering

  8. Can you please do it like in real life..something like 1800 degrees?

  9. Rendi_ETS2LOVERS

    how to do

  10. no updates to v1.16? and non-standard trucks like Peterbilts, Kenworths…?

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