Accessory Parts for all Trucks + MAN Madster Euro 6 1.28 /1.30/1.31

Accessory parts pack for all truck inclusive man madster new man euro 6 for the versoins 1.28/1.30/1.31



7 thoughts on “Accessory Parts for all Trucks + MAN Madster Euro 6 1.28 /1.30/1.31

  1. Game crashes

    1. blackfoxLuCaTrAnS

      sry i will checkt hat wich version you are

  2. sheppardpat47

    2012 files ####

    1. blackfoxLuCaTrAnS

      nope ### updatetto the versions

  3. hamada1122

    hay bro
    i make extr to rar file and get some files i don’t know where i put it ?
    please help me

    1. blackfoxLuCaTrAnS

      hey Guy you musn’t edit to rar data you download these from sharemods and go to our folder go to documents scroll to mod and add the scs file to mod and you will have it

  4. Doesn’t work, game crash

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