Additional warning sings for all trucks


i’m not taking credits for this mod. i just converted the mod to
newest version of the game and made a fix to make sure it’ll fully
the mod adds some adr’s and others warning/danger sings to all trucks.
it works together with any others accessory workshops, at least i hope
so. πŸ™‚



21 thoughts on “Additional warning sings for all trucks

  1. Freek de Groot

    There is no SCS-file inside…

  2. you create it yourself

  3. it doesn’t matter actually if there .zip or scs file in your mod folder. the game accepts both. just activate .zip in mod menu. that’s it.

  4. or simply rename .zip to .scs. the same thing.

  5. ####… why do i always make over and over again the same typing mistake in pair “sign – sing”? πŸ™‚

  6. what is this?

    such a bad 1996 C64 texture

    delete this sh*t

    1. so mods that deltete mirrors or add things to make trucks unrealistic like car wheels and so on can stay here and the people who comment it’s unrealistic get bashed at it but a mod which lets you add signs to trucks which are used in real life and are realistic should be deleted. what is your logic in this.

  7. I keep waiting for the sounds, but alas ,so far nothing are you sure these sing?

    an honest mistake guess.


    1. Very nice mod. Works great with TC Mega Mod V9. Thanks a lot. πŸ™‚

  8. Do it work with going east dlc

    1. Yes, it does work. I use DLC Going East and TSM 4.5. πŸ™‚


    Don’t work with Scania R700 :/

    1. it works perfectly with scania r700

  10. gamer2456

    I like this but don’t this normally go on the back of a trailer not on truck itself.

    1. it depends on class of dangerous goods and country’s road safety act.

      1. In Serbia most of these signs go on the truck and also on the back of the trailer. πŸ˜‰

  11. If I choose any of the signs and place it on every possible place of the truck including on gril and roof bars,
    the ADR plate (sign) is being placed in the truck or object. Instead of just before it.
    So 30% of the plate is in the truck.
    How can I solv this problem (Problem is stil with mods disabled).

    1. It happens because those signs are actually attached to the chassis of the truck, not on the cab. I hope someone would fix that as I’ve been waiting for a long time.

  12. ets2trucker

    How to install it can somone tell me \\

  13. ets2trucker

    Can somone tell me how to install this mod $\\||

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