Aggressive Engine For multiplayer in ets2

Aggressive Engine For all Trucks
Thank you for download
Work all version
Installation :
Copy the …..scs to Folder Mod
Good Driving ?



5 thoughts on “Aggressive Engine For multiplayer in ets2

  1. Aggressive? Is it gonna bite?

  2. Lee jeong myeong

    Hello 🙂 I have downloaded the mode created by the creator of Euro truck mode maker. There are some other problems, and I ask for improvement.
    1.DAF Euro 6 750HP mode / New Volvo 750HP There is an error that the radiator grill can not see. There is an error that the front grill disappears at the time of light bumper bottom bumper sun bazaar correction after purchasing the above mode vehicle. 2. Scania model Euro 5 Model 750HP is available but New Scania S Euro 6 Model 750HP is not available. Thank you again for uploading
    I wish health and blessings

  3. is not working it is not showing in mod folder

  4. not working

  5. no engine 750hp for new scania s!!!

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