Air Suspension


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Air Suspension for all Trucks

– Only works on 4×2 chassis options
– ” U ” You are the key to raising and lowering (raising and lowering the axle is key that you made custom settings)
– Only way to be in the flat at the front not the back side
– Applies to all vehicles
– You can catch some very nice poses when capturing

Author: YiğitE


22 Responses to Air Suspension

  1. Stefan says:

    just wait a few weeks every one going to steal that XD that ets2 a game that ###### people play with no life!!

    • Ollie says:

      And why are you in here if you dont download mods for ETS2?? People with no life are the one that lets personal problems out on other!! Oh wait! I just described you 🙂 coincidence?? Nooo,I dont think sooo 😀 😀

  2. Belarus says:

    Works with 1.13.xx?

  3. Jim says:

    Fix the bouncing part cuz that’s is ridiculous and the tyres go through the ground….

  4. Alex Baizel says:

    After lowering the landing gear wheel does not turn

  5. Baba says:

    hohoho very creative – vote for president

  6. aleksey says:

    Лажа!Полная хрень!

  7. Bennekeben says:

    ###! noooooo i was allready working on that! dammit well i shoudnt been slacking so much :p Stay tuned for all chassis 🙂

    there is no script to adjust the air valve timing so once u dropped to the max throttle gets sticky and steering doesnt work,also the wheels stop rotating once fully dropped.

    when u leave the garage or other it gets buggy aswell. u need to press the lift button to activate your steering even tho its your truck is in the normal position.
    ive occured all of this while creating this last week aswell ..
    just so u know its not stolen work i will release in the comming days :p

    grtz Bennekeben

  8. sam says:

    shame it doesn’t work on version

  9. henry says:

    sorry but it doesn’t work on version 1.13.410s

  10. henry says:

    hello shame
    it doesn’t work on version 1.13.4

  11. Bennekeben says:

    Btw YiğitE. i like the records aswell, i wonder how u do that camera :)?

  12. mihai says:

    Song name please ?

  13. Belarus says:

    It works with mods like this?

  14. bernardo says:

    as used mod??

  15. bernardo says:

    as used mod?

  16. martin says:

    Doesn’t work for v1.14.0.9s ….
    when the truck becomes lower he can’t move …

  17. pietje says:

    which button

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