Alex Project Map v 0.2 Alpha

Project Alex Map

Standalone map!

Version 0.2 Alpha
What’s new :
– Increase road lenght
– Add new details
– Add signs
– New companyes at city

Know bugs:
– Only 3 Truck dealers(DAF,Mercedes-Benz,Iveco)
– Probable invizible walls
– Lack of terrain
– No jobs at all companyes
– Default City Name

In the next version 0.3:
– New city
– New roads
– New details
– Navigation sign

Please do not reupload, respect my work!If you reupload, use my download link!

Authors: HRT/Alex, BlueModels, TZ, Scs


16 thoughts on “Alex Project Map v 0.2 Alpha

  1. christopher

    sa marche avec la promods ou pas ???

    1. Ne pas aller promods

      1. christopher

        et pk

  2. james-sss

    00:00:10.357 : Incorrect core map version.
    00:00:10.358 : Error loading map /map/AlexProject.mbd
    ETS 2 Steam

    1. I test the map , and i dont have your eror….

  3. So hard to write what countries are in map?

    1. 3 Contry , with default name of SCS Europe map : Hamburg , Bratislava ,Salzburg

  4. MłodyTeka

    New Save?

    1. Yes , you need a new profile

  5. This is the good link : for the first link , please a moderator to change the old link to this new link.

  6. siiiigh 🙁

  7. what presents this map? what cities/countries?

    1. 3 Contry , with default name of SCS Europe map : Hamburg , Bratislava ,Salzburg

  8. KondzixsPL

    does it work without DLC Scandinavia?

    1. Yes , you can play without dlc scandinavia.

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