ALEXD Real Engine For Scania S520-S730

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This mod requires ETS2 1.31 or 1.32.
Don’t reupload this mod. Respect the original download link.

Scania Engine Models:

ALEXD Real Engine and Transmission For Scania S
This mod contain:
Real Engine- 4 models [ 730 hp(544 kw ); 520(388 kw ); 580(433 kw) ; 650(485) ]
Real Transmission- 12 gears
Real Fuel Consumption:
S-580 ( 29-39 with average speed of 80 km/h)
S-650 (55-60 liter per 100km )
S-730 ( 4.1 British MPG – 68.90 Liters per 100 km)
S-520 model (AVG 28,7l /100km) based on the REAL TEST but with S-500 (With an average fuel consumption of 24.92 litre/100 km and an average speed of 79.91 km/h on the same 350 km )
Increase Tank Capacity – Chassis [ 4×2(3225 l) ; 6×2, 6x2_4, 6x2_4_midlift(1500 l)

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11 Responses to ALEXD Real Engine For Scania S520-S730

  1. Bjokole says:

    Thx for a quick and good response to my request fro 580 and 650 hp engines 🙂

    • alexdedu says:

      Please give me feedback about this engine. To know if i will change something or not!

  2. Alex677M says:

    will go to r730 ?

  3. rops says:

    great mod, but where did you get these yellow lights?

  4. Graphic says:

    For 1.33 PLEASE!!!!

  5. Alex677M says:

    1.33 error (

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