ALEXD Scania Real Engine S520-S730 v 1.2

This mod requires ETS2 1.33.x ; 1.32.x ; 1.31.x
Don’t reupload this mod. Respect the original download link.

Update for 1.33.x

ALEXD Scania Real Engine And Transmission

Scania engine models:

This mod contain:
Real Engine- 4 models [ 730 hp(544 kw ); 520(388 kw ); 580(433 kw) ; 650(485) ]
Real Transmission- 12 gears
Real Fuel Consumption:
S-580 ( 29-39 with average speed of 80 km/h)
S-650 (55-60 liter per 100km )
S-730 ( 4.1 British MPG – 68.90 Liters per 100 km)
S-520 model (AVG 28,7l /100km) based on the REAL TEST but with S-500 (With an average fuel consumption of 24.92 litre/100 km and an average speed of 79.91 km/h on the same 350 km )

Increase Tank Capacity : Chassis : 4×2; 6×2; 6x2_4 ; 6x2_4_midlift ; 6x2_long ; 6x2_long_taglift ; 6x4_long ; 8×4



5 thoughts on “ALEXD Scania Real Engine S520-S730 v 1.2

  1. where i can get yellow foglights for Scania Nextgen?

    1. Remoled nextgen!

  2. Eurodriver

    The “real” engine and transmission are already in the game.

  3. I like very much your engine and transmission. Not happy for increased Tank Capacity for diesel without increasing the ad blue capacity accordingly

  4. Hi.
    Could you pls update this nice mod for ETS2 1.34??

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