All Locks Open

All Locks Open

Tested 1.18.x + DLC North

– Tollgate Free Pass
– All Unlocked Accessories
– Roadblock unlocked

Author: HelpKa


3 thoughts on “All Locks Open

  1. GustavRhan

    Great Good Job , Thank you

  2. CajunMan0001

    How do you activate it? I get a small slot at the bottom, but cannot get anything to pop up to change it. higher level stuff is still locked and the shadow at the bottom won’t pop up like in the pictures, I’ve tried every key on the keyboard and even tried the mouse buttons.

    I cannot get a big box with the half circle to appear to move anything like in the pics provided. No text file saying what needs to be done to use it.

  3. update 1.20.x ?

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