All Trucks 750 HP (SCS Trucks) works with MP

this mod gives all scs trucks a engine from 750 HP (DON’T CHANGE THE ENGINE!)

-scania r and streamline: i Recommend the mighty griffin DLC because if you change anything the grill will be gone and if you have the mighty griffin dlc you can choose a paint ore a chrome grill And if you change anything on the streamline you have no sound
(for streamline you can only change the skin)

-the mercedes actros 2014: if you change Anything you have no sound (you can only change the skin)

-For all other trucks: everything is working on SP and MP

i hope you enjoy this mod i make it Especially for MP

For multiplayer
1. Buy the truck in single player
2. Than you get your truck in ets2 multiplayer



7 thoughts on “All Trucks 750 HP (SCS Trucks) works with MP

  1. káposzta123

    Why does it make any sense??? Stop making this piece of ####! Noone needs this ####…

    1. Nobody said you should have this mod

    2. G.F.Later

      – better than 10.000 hp.

  2. Yves Daguier

    Sorry, but the mod doesn’t work for me

    1. Whats wrong?

    2. The Best I ever had, is from Kacpeth. All Engines works perfect.

      1. but this one is for MP yeah

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