Always sunny weather mod without night v1.0


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ETS2 Always sunny weather mod without night v1.0 : 2015-08-29


ㆍ Compatibility Test : ETS2 v1.20
ㆍ QnA :
ㆍ File Name : zzzzzzzzzz_Always_sunny_weather_mod_without_night_v1.0.scs

How to use

step 1. Copy zzzzzzzzzz_Always_sunny_weather_mod_without_night_v1.0.scs
step 2. In ‘My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod’ folder
Paste zzzzzzzzzz_Always_sunny_weather_mod_without_night_v1.0.scs
step 3. In Game, Activate zzzzzzzzzz_Always_sunny_weather_mod_without_night_v1.0.scs



6 thoughts on “Always sunny weather mod without night v1.0

  1. GREAT! Finally Midsommar in Scandinavia… Thanks Hemil!

    But one tiny thing: on my opinion you should disable the streetlights “at night”, too 😉

  2. Game crashes immediately after start:

    [unit] File ‘/def/env_data.sii’, line 5:
    [unit] The unit ‘’ of type ‘env_profile’ has no attribute named ‘lamps_on_elevation’.
    load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/env_data.sii)
    [unit] File ‘/def/climate/default/nice.sii’, line 4:
    [unit] The unit ‘default.nice.21’ of type ‘sun_profile’ has no attribute named ‘low_elevation’.
    load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/climate/default/nice.sii)
    /def/climate/default/nice.sii read failed!
    Loading default/nice weather failed
    f:\build_bot\ssd_win_slave\final_build_ets2_119_windows_bin_final_x64\build\prism\src\p3core\collections/arrays/arrays_base_impl.h(491): [email protected][email protected][email protected]@@@[email protected]@@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@@@[email protected][email protected]: Index outside array boundaries.

    Thanks in advance for checking that

  3. Please check ETS2 Version!!
    ㆍ Compatibility Test : ETS2 v1.20

  4. Okay, thanks for the advice! I’m still on 1.19.2, wasn’t aware of that compatibility issue while being so happy about finding tis mod… ?

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