Animation and Steering Wheel

This mod adds a steering wheel from Scania 2016 and steering animation when starting the engine for Scania RS by RJL



9 thoughts on “Animation and Steering Wheel

  1. Dutch-Wave

    thnx can you make it for scania rjl 1.31 as wel ?

    1. Look here for AFROMISIU, he made for all Trucks and one Mod for the Scanias from RJL.
      Works perfect. 😉

      1. Sorry, it´s AFROSMIU

        For Scania´s by RJL

        Works still very good under 1.31.xx, I use it. 😉

  2. Hello, Does this work on RHD?

  3. Dutch-Wave

    Thnx @JoachimK

  4. stolen mod

  5. Сами вы краденые … Или думаете что только один умеет делать ? Не нравится не качайте или делайте сами…

  6. how do you put the steering wheel down / up

  7. Mehdi Hossain

    Does this mod work in multiplayer ?

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