Arayas AI Superlights v 1.1

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This is the improved version of my mod, based on your feedback from over 1000 downloads in 12 hours. Thank you.
What’s new?
-reduced side lights intensity, difusion colour change;
-rearanging the angles for light difusion;
-IMPORTANT! new HDR file for bloom reduction, because with with light intensity in traffic the massive bloom follows. Please post this mod above any mod who has hdr in it or use your own. Your choice.
-changing the lights colour for blinkers, side light and headlights.

Tested 1.28, 1.30 and with any map, traffic pack or car pack, if the priority of the mod is higher. Watch the video. Feel free to comment.

Mod must have high priority and it works in full potential with HDR on.

A note: “My trailer doesnt have lamps but still have side lights” Yes, because your trailer was made (moded) from one with lights attached. Try vanilla trailers (like mine in this video) and you will see the corect setting.

The lights from the car who follows you will reflect on your cabin, like normal, but in bigger amount- not normal. This is SCS problem because the textures for the truck are translucid (the lights goes through them).

My mod is free and unlocked. It’s about the joy to make a better game. Feel free to distribute.

Rockeropasiempre for initial files


8 thoughts on “Arayas AI Superlights v 1.1

  1. Waltencyr

    the mod is excellent. has one thing could only do for separate trailers? When we’re driving, we do not see anything back in the rearview. your mod is made for that, too. Has as? thank you very much.

    1. I dont understand what you mean. You refer to doubles? The second trailer?

  2. Rockeropasiempre

    Hi, Arayas.
    The problem of low compensation of lights, is because you have not updated the files to the new version.
    You have worked on what I did for version 1.28, and in the new version of the game many files have changed.
    That’s why it does not have a compensated result for all vehicles. Now in the new version there is much more variety of traffic that brings the new files of the version.


    1. I’m using 1.28 with no intent to change that before all maps are updated to next version. There is no problem with light compensation, the mod works fine. And , with all respect for your work, the files for car lights have nothing to do with your mod, only the static traffic lights, but i’m working on that too.
      I’m a fan of your mods, any advice is apreciated.

  3. Спасибо! Мод очень хороший. Мне нравится.)))

  4. The Jammer

    Very nice, but I liked the blinkers effect better in the first version. Here it seems a little too bright, but maybe that’s just my opinion.
    Anyway I like and use your first version, I downloaded it before it was removed (was was it removed by the way?)

    1. The Jammer

      *why was

  5. est ce qu`il avait d V1.0 sur ce mode

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