Argentina Map Mod (Map CEIBO V. 1.2) – ETS2 1.38

New Changes:
– Optimization of models and cities.
– New models.
– Traffic of Argentine trucks (being optimized) was eliminated
– New passenger mod.
– 2 new fields added (Villa Maria, San Pedro)
– Route 9 Rosario – Buenos Aires.
– New cities added: Bell, Talar and Buenos Aires.
– New companies in Cordoba and Tucumán.
Passenger Mod
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

About Map:
We are a Youth Group, we are dedicating ourselves to the modeling of the Map of Argentina of v1.0 it is totally Free, each update and news will be uploaded on this page.
Our Mapper and the one who started this project:
Pedro Navarrete
Moddeler (3D) and Converter:
Franco Castilla
Franco Ramirez
KZMods (Kaku Peralta)
Manu Romero (Moddeler 3D)



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