ARIA paint job for Neoplan Tourliner (independent paint job)

A paint job mod for Neoplan Tourliner by ECMods et al., 3 styles (ARIA company, Himeya, Orange Planet), 2 modes (custom color, custom metallic), independent paint job.

TLExpress, ARIA公式, ARIA Fandom,Cospa, JΛDE, 天天快乐, ECMods et al.

DOWNLOAD 7 MB [mirror]

2 thoughts on “ARIA paint job for Neoplan Tourliner (independent paint job)

  1. Hi. I am skin maker for ECMods’s Buses. Can you contact me on Discord? FrKn#8487

  2. CrazyHeavyWheelers

    Neoplan Tourliner bus review:

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