A&S Cargo Scania RJL Skin

For the lightbox you need the RS Addons V1.1.4 https://ets2.lt/en/scania-rs-addons-v-1-1-4/

To get the lightbox of A&S Cargo you need to replace the .dds file.
Step 1. Go to your ETS2 mod folder.
Step 2. Open “[powerkasi]Scania RS addons 1.1.4” with winrar.
Step 3. Open the model folder, open blender_export, open valomainos_p8, open textures
Step 4. Open “k_kilpivalo_topline_text.dds” with paint.net and drag the downloaded file “A&S Cargo Powersaki Text Lightbox” into paint.net
Step 5. Close the program and there will automatically pop-up a block with “Save” on top.
Step 6. Save as DXT5
Set cluster fit
Set perceptual
Select generate mip maps.
Done! Now you should have the A&S cargo text in your lightbox.

Thomas S


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