Assembly of Interiors v11

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Assembly of interiors. Replace all standard interiors. Added mode for windshield wipers. Tested on version 1.28 of the game.

The authors of the interior: OveRTRucK; KacaK; edwart 99; Hummer2905; Fred be; Wanderson Prado; R2limited; schneemann3636; Imperator3. The author of the assembly: Kirtok.


6 thoughts on “Assembly of Interiors v11

  1. Hummer2905

    Who gave you the right to use it? The interior of the Daf XF 105 I did. Immediately delete that!!! Iveco and volvo I also did me. How can you afford to publish it under his name!!!

    1. Hummer2905!!! Читайте внимательно!!!
      Авторы интерьеров: OveRTRucK; KacaK; эдварт 99; Hummer2905; Фред быть; Вандерсон Прадо; R2limited; schneemann3636; Imperator3. Автор сборки: Kirtok.
      Автор СБОРКИ, а не ИНТЕРЬЕРОВ!!!!!!!!

  2. jorgent97

    hd video 1.28…

  3. Stolen Mods and a “Video-Moneymaker” 🙁
    @Hummer2905 – You should immediately announce it to the Admins, so that they can delete it.

    @Jorgent97 – Principal to make Money with YT-Clicks. Very bad for stolen Mods…


  4. there is some distorted texture on scania streamline. at the corners of the glass.

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