Asterix NG Scania Skin 1

Asterix NG Scania Skin 1
Uses IJ’s Scania Accessory Pack
For Version 1.37




3 thoughts on “Asterix NG Scania Skin 1

  1. Superb work! I do love your skins, keep going on.

    Could you make some for other trucks too? E. g. for other SCS-Trucks, Freds Scania or for MAN? That would be awesome.

  2. @BussiBaer-
    You know, that “Freds Scania” Payware is ? ?

  3. @JoachimK
    Yes i know that. Just was making a suggestion.
    Only Millsyb decides what skins he will make and release and i will be happy with that and enjoy his great work. ?

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