Audi A6 2020 update 1.47

i fix blinkers light
i fix the physics and engine

enjoy ………………………



13 thoughts on “Audi A6 2020 update 1.47

  1. thekemalist

    brother can u do fiat fıorino 2021?

    1. Make the breaks better

  2. Broo stop with this american license plates just put custom license plates for euro. Euro truck not american

  3. are the blinkers slower now? I don’t want to download it blindly

  4. Can you take out the glosy finish ?

  5. Hello Abid! Thank you for all your great mods! Could you try converting a VDL Berkhof Ambassador 200 from Omsi 2 ?

  6. Cool, thanks for the improvements. I found a few minor issues.
    1) Weak brakes.
    2) The brake light on the bumper should not be on (there is a reflector on the bumper, not lights).
    3) No reversing lights, of course they should be

    Thanks for the mod, great job

  7. Please make standalone model. Your Audi is in conflict with your Bugatti

  8. This mod breaks the reverse sound of other trucks

  9. I found more annoying inaccuracies. A real Audi.
    1) Stop signals in the form such as you made turn signals
    2) Turn signal should be where you placed the rear running lights
    3) Front. Running lights must match the turn signals. When the turn signal is on, the running light goes out (like Renault T and DAF XG)
    4) The logic of the work of lighting. The front running lights turn on automatically when the engine is started. At this time, the rear lights should not work. The rear lights come on when the low beam headlights are on (not to be confused with running lights)

    You have a great model, if you bring it to the ideal, one of the best mods can come out

    link to a video from a real Audi, where you can see the work and placement of lighting equipment

  10. Improve the drive ability and the dashboard, and change the license plate to custom. And then its going to be 10/10 mod

  11. yeah,when i open the mod dealer it doesn’t show up,and when i open a truck dealer like daf or mercedes,it crashes….

  12. This mod breaks the brakes of other mods and the sound of the truck reversing

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