Audi A8 Long – Fixed Interior

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– Fixed Interior
– Added new realistic accelerometer

VS Mods, MerTR, VakkoTeam


13 Responses to Audi A8 Long – Fixed Interior

  1. Kropy says:

    and GPS? :/

  2. RiflerGamer says:

    Test video on 1.30:

    • Gamer says:

      If you have no engine sounds try buy other engine and then make test video… 😉

  3. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30…

  4. kymoko says:

    Please fix the gps,signals and the skoda key

  5. edsor says:

    If we want an Audi a 8, we already have the Audi a 8 by Diablo. It is also a modification of the Skoda, but at least it is well done, complete and with details. Instead, this mod is a bad modification of Skoda. The original mod is more complete and has more details. If you want to copy and modify previous cars, at least bring something new to improve them. Otherwise, instead of improving, each time we will have much worse car mods. Why are you continually taking out new models that are actually the previous ones with other textures? Who do you want to fool? Is it to be able to get new videos continuously? Well, improving and correcting the mods that we already have can also make videos and teach them.

  6. JordyG says:

    Game crashes when I try to start the game :/ I have no other mods activated;/ anyone that can help me? :/

  7. Kymoko says:

    You are right !!!
    I hope to fix this problem.

  8. Pieo says:

    Please add GPS. This isn’t luxury car, when it hasn’t got GPS!

    Sorry for my english.

  9. JoeSmoteGaming says:

    Audi A8 + Summer Mod BETA 1080p60

  10. _-cugar07-_ says:

    thanks interior is better then before
    And the dash has S-Line elements
    Good Mod !

  11. SRIRAM says:

    pls v1.5.2.1 mods

  12. Statham says:

    Please update this car to v1.32.3, and if is possible, make the Audi A8 W12 please, I love that car.

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