Audi RS 7 Sportback 2013 4G8 V4 1.41


– Fixed headlights
– Fixed mirrors
– Edited some materials
– Major edits and fixes
– New physics
– Added more beacons
– Added more paintjobs
– Reconfigured engine (improved realism)
– Reconfigured transmisssion (improved realism)
– Reconfigured chassis (improved realism)

*You can open the developer console by pressing ` and input “g_suspension_stiffness 1” for a better driving experience on high speeds*

*And from now on the next modifications I publish will include hall of shame of those who edit and/or reupload without authorization. This will include their YouTube profiles and possibly real profile pictures. Consider this as a warning*

*I will also honor the YouTubers with a shoutout, who work hard with honesty and include original links*


Azorax Modding, Kevin, Nimit, Diablo


33 thoughts on “Audi RS 7 Sportback 2013 4G8 V4 1.41

  1. Come si apre il developer?

  2. WHERE İS THE HURACAN ? NİMİT SAYS THE Thinking of a Huracan, you might see it here in 2-3 weeks WHY THE CAR SOMERSAULTS?

    1. As I said it would take 2-3 weeks or maybe more but it will be here 🙂

      1. please new lamborghini russian plate

        1. CanadianMaps

          It should have a custom rear plate (from worldoftrucks or the in-game generated plate) as most cars do, without a front plate (cuz who puts a front plate on a huracan)

          1. Miroslav Tsenov

            Like ye 😀 i’ve never seen a lambo with a plate on the front bumper 😀

      2. Miroslav Tsenov

        Nimit, i’m so happy that you decided to make a Lambo, take as much time as you want, i really do appreciate your work <3 (also thank you for looking at my coment for the lambo, again i do appreciate it <3)

  3. elinze sağlık abiler çok güzel olmuş , böyle mükemmel modlar nadir bulnuyor ama 2 tane benim gördüğüm sıkıntı var o da sıkıntı sayılırsa direksiyon sağdan ve soldan bastırılmış gibi duruyor o düzeltilirse müq olur bide fren yaparken bağzen araba kayıp takla atıyo onun dışında mod çok iyi bide göskede de düzeltmeler yapıla bilir , herkeze tavsiyemdir mod çok iyi 😀

    1. the car slipping under braking is a common issue with most car mods as they aren’t made by SCS

      1. Thanks for information

  4. robixs5055

    Hey! Awsome mod, could you please make bmw x5 e70?

  5. can t wait for the lambo:)

  6. Which gallery is this in? I activated but I cant see the car

    1. mam to samo

  7. Requesting for Toyota Land Cruiser with both uk and eu interior to respectable authors.

  8. Can someone make audi r8 with real transmission and engine please?

  9. can u guys email me as im having frame drops due to the window colour or reflection

  10. nimit please volvo s90

  11. Really nice mod ! 🙂
    Some issues:
    – Engine start sound is very strange, it does not sound great combined with normal engine sound
    – Horn sound is completely messed up
    – Interior: message to turn on engine stays even when engine is on
    I hope that you can fix these issues, other than that great mod

  12. david godwill

    Nimit if you are making a lambo don’t put Russian plat no offenc just put a lambo plat

    1. HonestReviewer

      stfu dude

      1. Why should he ? No one wants such plates, they want their own plates, like World of trucks

  13. Nimit, update please azorax modding’s Audi rs3 Thanks!

  14. Sick car! Would you guys make RS6 aswell? (The avant one). Love your work, keep it up!

  15. the car is too slow after 299 km/h
    accelerating, car slows down in 8th gear

    1. That’s how it is in real life bro, barely any car has more power in its top gear.

  16. Can you fix bmw 540i g30 mod from 1.28? ?

  17. Thanks, Nimit for update. I very love the azorax modding old car mods. Im have some 3d car model Can you it convert to ets2 mod? If hard there concant me, can you add me my discord: InsaTube#4394 😀

  18. Great mod can you pls do citroen c6 or citroen c5 2001

  19. On the wheels There is a side further out the passenger side. A tip darken the windows lower the rear more and the sound is not cool.

  20. Ey bro can you make akrapovic exhaust like add-on for lambo hurican?
    Thanks in advance!

  21. passat b6 3.2 pleeeeaseeee nimit

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