Audi RS4 v 1.5

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English:You can use Audi RS4 in ETS2 now.
You can buy it Renault dealers.
Working in 1.31.x
› 1 Cabin.
› 1 Chasis.
› 1 Engine Option.
› 1 Gearbox.
› 1 Rim & Whell.
› All Colors working.
› Lightmask working.

Audi RS4’ü ETS2’de kullanabilirsiniz.
Renault galerisinden satın alabilirsiniz
› 1 Çeşit Kabin.
› 1 Şase.
› 1 Motor Seçeneği
› 1 Şanzıman.
› 1 Jant & Lastik.
› Tüm Renk’ler Çalışıyor.
› Lightmask Yapıldı
› 1.31’de Çalışır.



3 thoughts on “Audi RS4 v 1.5

  1. Looks like nothing changed in the changelog.. This mod is old. Also, you just adaptated it to 1.31

  2. This mod sucks, the interior are not good made, the exterior too + you can’t drive it good.

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