Audi RS6 1.42

– Fixed headlights
– Edited some materials
– Edited tachometer display
– New sound
– New physics
– Reconfigured engine (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured transmission (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured chassis (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured animation delays & timing
– Minor edits and fixes
– Added more paintjobs

Harun Aras


8 thoughts on “Audi RS6 1.42

  1. david godwill

    you didn’t fix the windshild

  2. How to fix the winows problem ?
    Plz help

    1. dai muie

  3. The security system of my PC does not allow me to download the file. It is complicated that to download a file I have to go through so many pages.

  4. trzpro is #### share site
    please upload it to another 🙂

  5. Pejo 207 İstiyoruz RC Jant Eklentisiyle Beraberinde Varex Li

  6. audirs6guy

    the game keeps crashing when driving this car

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