Audi S4

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1 Chassis
1 Engine
1 Transmission (6-Speed Manual)
Audi Wheels
Audi Logos

Before buy you need remove nuts & hubs.

BR Mods


7 thoughts on “Audi S4

  1. Full Hd Video Test
    Top Speed – Gameplay.

  2. The speedometer does not work, the account does not work, there is no sound (in the video).

  3. Great car but it would be better to have it for GTA San Andreas or GTA V.


    1. Then go to GTA V mods and download you ######!!! Don’t spam with ###### coments under great mod!!!

      1. Scooby123

        Great mod xDDDDDDDDDD

        1. WHAT İS xD ??? and very nice mod

  4. leon (last name private)


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