Austin Ashley Peterbilt Skin




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  1. Nestor Motta says:

    My Pete dont work in 1.14.4s. Work, but in wrong slot, slot of New DAF Euro 6. Please, help-me!

    • YOGI says:

      -Open up the Pete mod
      -Navigate to DEF-> VEHICLE -> TRUCK DEALER -> DAF
      -Rename daf_x.sii (where ‘x’ is number) to a different number (It can be daf_0 through to daf_7)
      -Open up the now renamed daf_x.sii and also change the number in the top line to match (where ‘x’ is number)
      “vehicle: .tdealer.daf_x”

      Wordpad, Notepad+ etc will open .sii files. I hope my instructions make sense.

  2. Johan says:

    how to oppen this mod ?i will use this skins but i can’t find it

    • Mattew says:

      here too.i can’t find it

      • ShuqGrind says:

        Skiner,could you make this skin for Viper2’s modified Peterbilt 389? It will be a perfect match like what the first photo shows.

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