Australian Bus Skins

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This pack has two coaches with Australian skins. Murray’s and Greyhound.



6 Responses to Australian Bus Skins

  1. RebelCopyrights says:

    Skins have 60Mb or the file contains the bus too ?

  2. john says:

    yep as suspected…dont work in latest version..keeps crashing..what dealership is it at anyway..u should mention it in description

    • Rahbar says:

      The Irizar i8 is in “Marcedez Benz” and the Maxibus is in “Renault”

  3. Hafidz says:

    mod nyolong aja bangga gblk, diaku akui lagi INI KAN PUNYA ALIF CAHYA GBLK

  4. bb027 says:

    I installed the mod but unable to find it under Renault or Mercedes Benz what will be the name of the truck ?

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