Authentic Sound DAF XF105.460 Paccar MX340

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I recorded this truck in December 2017

Finally, the engine range of the XF 105 is almost complete.In the future, I will record 410 in the best quality.Also in this package, I updated the MX375 sounds and improve its sound

● Features:

● Engine sound MX340

● Authentic XF105 transmission sound

● Replaced by improved on real sounds of sticks in the interior.And many other fixes

MX300 MX340 MX 375 In one this pack!

VasilyEVR Engine Voice Records


13 Responses to Authentic Sound DAF XF105.460 Paccar MX340

  1. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test 1.30

  2. DAF Trucker GER says:

    Best Work of Sounds 🙂

  3. Driverstein says:

    Video with this amazing stock sound:

    • BEAST says:

      This is not a “stock” engines!
      This mod ADDS additional Paccar engines to DAF XF105:
      – MX300 (410hp),
      – MX 340 (460hp),
      – MX 375 (510hp)
      with FAN ON/OFF // AUTO/MANUAL
      + one suspension “ZF 16S2321TD R Manual”

      • káposzta123 says:

        What “suspension” are you talking about?? xDDDD It’s transmission… Suspension is what makes the truck not fall apart on shitty roads.

  4. BEAST says:

    SOUND Test:

  5. alimemail says:

    You can not see him in the mod manager

    • alimemail says:

      Already everything ok. I’ve shortened the name of fashion and is already visible in the fashion manager

  6. oslu says:

    I can’t see MX 340 in the shop but only SCS MX 340
    Can everybody help me ?

  7. Nemo says:

    That mod not work for me. Daf 105 is totally quiet for me and i don’t need quiet trucks anymore. But good try!

    • oslu says:

      If you have old sound from daf xf
      We must remove this and in game (mod manager) you will be see a new sound


    Vaily congrats the most detailed sound ever can you also make for the scania next generation series v8 sound ? Answer me please

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