Auto Reaper in Traffic


The Reaper auto from the game Saints Row 3.
Two options of tuning, standalone, compatible with all my mods.
Test on version 1.18.x



6 thoughts on “Auto Reaper in Traffic

  1. Nice. Original. : )))

  2. ezra pratama

    nice job, man ! but, can you convert from other games likes gta or nfs , please ? 😀

  3. Nice traffic mods mate, but would it be possible for you to put them all into one traffic mod pack ?

  4. Excellent work as always! I’m a big fan of your models. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Conflict with Scandinavia DLC (parts pink). : (

  6. GermanLKW

    I like this mod! But the requested “material” file is missing. So add it on your own from an other mod. If you don’t there’ll be conflicts with other parts that are painted in chrome like the ferry!
    Is it possible to make the car black like in real traffic?

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